Medical & Technical

This catalogue of rare books consists largely but not exclusively of books from the collection of the late Dr. Max Sandler. A well-known Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Sandler also collected prodigiously.

His collection was well know to the bibliophiles of South Africa, though seldom seen, as Sandler allowed few people the pleasure of perusing his collection. There are items of pure medical interest, through to the more esoteric. From early works on homeopathy like a second edition of Hahemann’s Organon der Heilkunst (1819) to beautifully illustrated editions of Bakers works on microscopes. There is an excellent first edition of Lyell’s Elements of Geology (1838) and many other first or early editions of seminal works.

There are a large number of biographies of famous Doctors, Scientists and Biologists.
In selecting what went into this catalogue we were guided by a theme that emerged through the handling of Dr. Sandler’s medical collection. It is almost as though there is more of an interest in pre-cognitive life. The theories of the very formation of a new being pervade this collection in a fashion that is most intriguing. The early copy of William Harvey’s Exercitationes de Generatione Animalium. Quibus Accedunt Quaedam de Partu: de Membranis ac Humoribus Uteri: & de Conceptione. Together with De Statica Medicina et de Responsione ad Statiomasticem (1662) is testament to this.

There is a selection of books on mathematics and this fits into and enhances the thread that runs through this catalogue.
There is a small collection of South African medical works and other more specific subjects that you will find in the Categories of our catalogue.
It is not often that a collection of books like this is brought onto the market in South Africa, many of the close to 1400 items listed, appear in only one or two collections worldwide and for some items there is precious little record.

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